June 29, 2024

Christian Life and Witness Course (CLWC)

The Christian Life and Witness Course (CLWC) helps believers strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and confidently share it with others.

On June 29, we will conclude CLWC with a final call for aspiring counselors. Join us as we hear personal stories from two guests who will encourage us to be bold witnesses for Christ.

Venue: Ministerio Cristiano Secondigliano
Time and Location: 18:30, Via Privata Scippa, 16 Secondigliano (NA)

September 4, 2024

Prayer Meeting

Pastors, church leaders, and Christians across Italy are invited to unite in prayer for this nation. Together, we will pray for all those in need of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Will you be part of this powerful gathering ahead of the Noi Festival in Naples?

Venue: Chiesa Nuova Pentecoste
Time and Location: 19:00, Via Gramsci 80- 81031 Aversa (CE)